Monday, June 25, 2012

David Kamp Identity

I was commissioned by the very talented and good pal David Kamp to redesign his Sound Design Identity in a fun and character driven direction, after a few different options he chose the one at the top on this post, along with it I created a speaker-character as an additional element to play with the new identity. Hopefully we will see it animated as well!

Curious & Curiouser / Sneak Peak

Since its publication in 1865, Lewis Carroll's ‘Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' has enchanted the world with its curious characters and its even curiouser tale. It has been over more than a century and the fantastic world of Alice continues to captivate children and adults. With the highly anticipated film adaptation by Tim Burton hitting theaters later this month, Gallery Nucleus had invited artists of the feature film and beyond to create their vision of the iconic story and celebrate it's lasting legacy.

Opening Night only, glimpse into the creative brilliance of Disney Studios as exclusive concept art, production, and film stills will be shown from the upcoming Alice In Wonderland!

This is a sneak peak of what is my piece for the show Curiouser & Curiouser: Inspired by Alice in Wonderland'